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Tough on Kids: Rethinking Approaches to Youth Justice

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Ross Gordon Green and Kearney F. Healy

272 pages, index, paper, 6 x 9, summer 2003
ISBN 1-895830-22-2 / ISBN13 978-1895830-224





1: Perspectives on Youth Justice
   Marginalized Children - Scars and Redemption
   Tough on Crime = Tough on Kids
   The Effect of Jail on Kids
  "The Way to Live Together Most Nicely"

2: Youth Justice Legislation
   The Evolution of Canadian Youth Offender Legislation
   The New Youth Criminal Justice Act

3: Youth Crime: Causes and Responses
   The Causes of Youth Crime
   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
   Criminal Justice as a Default System

4: Aboriginal Youth and the Justice System
   Aboriginal History from a Different Perspective
   Aboriginal Youth and the Criminal Justice System

5: International Comparisons of Youth Justice Systems
   New Zealand
   Connecting International Trends to the Canadian situation

6: Perspectives on Youth Justice
   The Punitive Mentality
   The Effects of Custody
   Public Perceptions about Youth Crime Versus Reality

7: A Different Response: Restorative Justice
   The Overreaching Effect of Criminal Law
   A New Means of victim, Offender, and community Participation
   Finding a Place for Restorative Justice in the Current System
   The Challenges Facing Restorative Justice
   Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment
   Spirituality and Justice
   Case Study: Calgary Community Conferencing

8: Progressive Approaches to Youth Crime and Justice
   Quebec - A Study in Contrast
   Mentoring and Role Modelling
   Interdisciplinary and Interagency Approaches to Youth Justice
   Resiliency and Marginalized Youth: Bottling the Magic
   Jumping out of the Box: Effecting Change within the Youth Justice System

9: Future Directions for the Youth Justice System


Does our current, punishment oriented system for dealing with young offenders work? Not according to the authors of this compelling and thought-provoking book. It simply ensures that we jail more youth than any other country, including the United States.

Green and Healy argue that a new approach is needed and offer ample evidence from around the world, and our own back yard, to make the case for a shift to restorative justice. The voices of their young clients illustrate the very real human costs of doing nothing. This book is a must read for anyone who is concerned about youth crime and justice. In an easy to read format this book presents the development and current state of Canadian law, as well as different approaches that have been used in dealing with youth crime. Regardless of one’s view on youth crime, this book is packed with useful information, viewpoints, and statistics on young people and the law.

Relatively free of jargon, this is an impassioned plea for us to do something different in youth justice.” (Winnipeg Free Press)

Ross Gordon Green  and Kearney Healy have dealt extensively with young offenders as legal aid lawyers. Mr. Green is now a Provincial Court Judge in Yorkton, Saskatchewan while Mr. Healy works with Legal Aid in Saskatoon. Mr. Green is also the author of Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Sentencing Alternatives.

Price: $ 28.00 Back

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