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Our company specialized in books on Aboriginal and social justice issues, law, and western Canadian history. Within those areas we have developed books of a multidisciplinary nature for the university, college, and reference market. This will continue through the "Purich" imprint at UBC Press. We will continue to assess manuscripts and book proposals on their behalf.

We are delighted to hear from potential authors who believe that their manuscript will be of interest to us. As a first step, we strongly recommend that you send us a query about your book or proposed book. Your query should briefly outline the nature of your book, provide a proposed table of contents, and an idea of who you see the book appealing to, as well as a brief biography indicating your background and qualifications to write the book.

We do consider proposals that are based on theses. When sending us a query based on a thesis, in addition to the above information, provide us details on additional work you see being done to convert the thesis to a book.

Proposals are accepted by mail, fax, or electronically. Do not fax or email a manuscript. If you are uncertain whether your proposal falls is within our areas of interest you can call us to query. Ask for one of the publishers. Unfortunately, we cannot advise people with manuscripts falling outside our areas of specialization as to a possible publisher. In those cases, we suggest you visit your local library and bookstore to see who has published books similar to your manuscript.

We do try and respond to queries as soon as possible. However, it may take up to 8 weeks of receipt or occasionally longer, especially if we need to seek outside opinions about the proposal. In considering a proposal, and subsequently the manuscript, three factors are considered: is the work publishable; does it fit in with the mandate we have developed; and finally, what is the market potential for the work. If we feel a proposal or manuscript meets these criteria, we will recommend publication to UBC Press.

If accepted for publication, we may be able to work with authors in helping develop and shape those manuscripts. That decision will be made by UBC Press.

If we’re interested in your proposal, we’ll invite you to send your manuscript or your thesis, if the book will be based on a thesis. We also welcome opportunities to review draft chapters as they are prepared, if you are still working on the manuscript. This allows us to provide you with feedback as the manuscript is finalized and ready for UBC Press's editor.

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